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Cultivate 1st generation talent to work-based learning

Talent Hatched is a startup based in San Antonio, Texas, USA. It aims to link industry and 1st generation students to career-aligned work-based learning.

About Talent Hatched

Talent Hatched is a startup focused on linking industry to 1st Generation Talent.

Many people are the first in their family to finish high school and/or attend college or obtain a credential. Because ‘we do not know what we do not know’ we often do not acquire the social and ‘how to’ make a job into a career. As a young, 1st Generation student, we do not necessarily know how do we learn from a job to see which career pathway to choose?

As the founder of Talent Hatched, I know personally how scary not knowing ‘how to navigate’ the systems can be. I am the first in my family to both finish high school and attend college. Had I been able to get a job early in high school aligned with my interest, I would not have changed my major 5-7 times and accumulated so much college debt. This is why I built Talent Hatched: so you can avoid my mistakes, create a career out of a job and earn more money to help yourself and your families.


How does this help you? A career-linked learning experience creates a workforce pipeline with trainable employees that can move from short-term, part-time to full-time, long-term employment. By opening up your workplace to employ and mentor students, you are building a loyal workforce with the probability to continue in your organization’s career pathway: a earn while you learn approach.


A career-linked learning experience gives you an opportunity to work while you learn to gain new skill sets in something you actually like to do. You don’t need a degree or credential, you just need to ‘want’ to learn. Plus, the average pay is $15.35 per hour, depending on the workforce industry.
What We Do

Our Services

We aim to link Industry looking for workers to talent.


Career Coaching

We coach all 1st Generation Communities. Our coaching includes from creating resumes to reviewing resumes them, plus conducting mock interviews.


Facilitating Career Coaching

Reach out for learning what a career pathway to social capital for you students and/or staff.


Future 2.0

An app of Talent Hatched where we use a software to match you with the perfect job that accelerates career-linked learning and eliminates the need for resumes.

Basic Career Coaching (Includes Spanish)

Resume Building
Cover Letter
1-Hour Video Chat
1 hour Mock Interview

Subscription Coaching (Includes Spanish)

First 15 minute consultation is free

You receive:
* 2 mock interviews or 1 hour per month of 1-1 coaching
* 10 DM's and messages per month
*Resume Building
*Cover Letter

Why Us

We Hear You

If you answer yes to the questions below, we hear you— We’ve been there and we can help you. Cultural professionalism and cultural sensitivity is not taught in schools and that’s why we’re here.
Our Students Feedback

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We Work Hard To Prepare Every Student For Their Professional Life

Meet the Team!

Sandra Gonzalez-lamb

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sandra is the founder of Talent Hatched working to cultivate local talent by accelerating how high school students connect to local, work-based learning. With over 20+ years of higher education & public sector experience along with exposure to being a first generation student herself, Sandra is very familiar with how career exploration & hands on learning can change lives in creating career pathways.

Ryan Ng

Chief Technology Officer, Project manager, and Senior Software Developer

Ryan is a passionate full-stack developer at Talent Hatched currently working towards a bachelors degree at UC Davis. He first learned how to code at college, and a newly found interest led him to learning the skills that he would need to work as a senior software developer at Talent Hatched. In his free time he enjoys playing games and watching anime.

Gabriela Ochoa-Silva

Social Media Marketer, Product Advertiser, and Software Developer Intern

My names Gabriela, I love indulging in a good book, and enjoying time with my friends and family. Socializing has always been something that has brought me happiness. I will usually partake in volleyball games, exercising, and finding new designs for my projects. Fashion is also something that I would consider to be important to me. Overall, I enjoy participating in activities im unfamiliar with and helping out!

Finn Hazen

Software Developer Intern and Product Analyst

Finn is a high school junior with a passion for computer science and technology. He lives in Seattle, loves to walk his dog, and play music.


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Career Coaching

Yes, being a native Spanish speaker, I can provide coaching in Spanish.