Talent Hatched

Your Apprenticeship Waits

With the click of a few icons, Talent Hatched connects you to local, experiential learning opportunities. This way, you can create a pathway for a career that will then connect to YOU.

Why you need an Apprenticeship


An apprenticeship gives you an opportunity to work while you learn to gain new skill sets in something you actually like to do. You don’t need a degree or credential, you just need to ‘want’ to learn. Plus, the average pay is $15.35 per hour, depending on the workforce industry.


An apprenticeship creates a workforce pipeline with trainable employees that can move from short-term, part-time to full-time, long-term employment. By opening up your workplace to employ and mentor students, you are building a loyal workforce with the probability to continue in your organization’s career pathway: a earn while you learn approach. 

Traditionally, there has been a history of stigma surrounding apprenticeships; however, this is quickly fading as demand for local, skilled talent demand increases.

This is for You


Do you want to work in an environment where you can practice your tech or gaming skills, drawing or social media aptitude or learn how a medical facility functions? Do you want to obtain some credentials while you work at a place you like instead of working somewhere where you have to? If you answered YES to either of the questions above, then yes, this is for you.


Do you want to be a part of the growing number of businesses investing in their community workforce through apprenticeships? Do you want to meet your labor demands at a faster pace, saving money in recruitment fees and giving your employees a clear path to multiple employment opportunities? Do you want to spend less money importing your workforce and instead, contribute to ‘creating your own’? Do you want to have a company provide the training, instruction and support to help you mentor, retain and successfully employ an apprentice? If you answered YES to either of the questions above, then yes, this is for you.

Who We Are

Who we are. We’re a team of social innovators who happen to also be educators, programmers, and nerds passionate about opening new employment opportunities to everyone. We love learning, and want to help bring equity to everyone so they too can learn everything possible to become whoever they want to be.

Sandra Gonzalez-Lamb, MPA


Sandra is fascinated by the cross-section where work based learning, information technology and education meet. She is an active community member serving on two local boards advocating for access to equitable education for all, reducing the gender pay gap and contributing to the betterment of our society.

Currently she works in the higher education space while working toward a life-long goal: creating her own business. She is enjoying this thing called life with her familia, Team Lamb, along with her dog: Mr. Magoo. You can find her exploring campgrounds, practicing yoga or checking out food trucks.

Karen Li

Full-Stack Developer
Karen Li is an elementary school teacher turned software engineer. She is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential, and she sees technology as a helpful tool to pursue that goal. When she is not coding, she likes learning languages, reading books, and going to boba tea cafes.

Kirsten Gord

UX Designer

Kirsten is the user experience designer for TalentHatched. She’s interested in the way people think and how to make technology work best for them. She keeps the people that she’s designing for at the heart of every design decision she makes. It is really important to her to design products that improve society in big ways, which is why she is so excited to be on the TalentHatched team. 

In her spare time she loves to cook and play guitar and she is completely obsessed with all things Harry Potter.

Jesse Briones

Jesse Briones is a student at CAST Tech high school focusing on UX Design. He is working towards learning more languages about design and would like his next career to include majoring in Math or English at a local university in San Antonio, Texas. He is passionate about learning subjects he is interested in (e.g. math, english and instruments). He enjoys playing video games with his friends.

Why We Do This

TalentHatched Believes in Two Things


The traditional 4-year career path is not for everyone. Yes, you an obtain a bachelor’s but what if you could work in an industry while still attending school that is aligned with your passions and degree focus? What if you could take a work-around the traditional high school graduation to college approach? Why? Because this would allow many students who cannot afford to graduate high school and register for college thereafter. In fact, over 50% of high school students work while they attend school; most of them however, are not working in an industry aligned with their career goals. In addition, about 70% of full-time college students work while attending college. The cost of college begins to impact student and families way before they even attend high school.


A traditional cover letter and resume is outdated and not applicable to people without credentials. What if we could have a digital career profile that outlines a person’s non-credentialed soft and hard skill sets? Why do you need a profile only if you have credentials? TalentHatched believes the potential skill sets are worth cultivating and should serve to empower both students and employers to expand upon them. Also, sometimes a resume just isn’t enough to get you to where you deserve to be. TalentHatched’s goal is to give everyone an equal chance at the work of their dreams, based on the skills that truly matter to them. Let’s do away with time-consuming, half-you job applications. We value equity and individual talent, and take pride in connecting you to your best.